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In today's digital era, everyone can work freely and also participate in welcoming technological advances. In addition, the freedom of expression that can be expressed through blogs or wordpress can also generate quite lucrative coffers if managed properly.

For those of you who are currently imagining and want to be written about it, creating a blog is one solution for you. Besides being able to explore your imagination with writing, you can also hone your writing skills.One of the platforms that can be used to create a blog is blogspot. Blogspot itself, if managed properly, will also bring benefits.Regardless of those who are experienced or beginners, blogspot is equally profitable. Moreover, how to create a blogspot is quite easy so that it is possible for anyone who wants to try to have a personal blog.Here's how to create an engaging, free, and generating personal blog that is launched

How to Create a Blog with Simple The first way to create an attractive, free, and generating personal blog is to use blogger.com or blogspot.com. How to create a blogspot is classified as the easiest to do.This is because blogspot itself is a friendly blogging platform for beginners. In addition, blogspot is also a platform made by Google, so it offers quite a lot of features.There are two ways you can create a personal blog. The first way is to create a blog via a smartphone and create a blog via a computer or PC.

The first way to create an attractive, free, and generating personal blog is by creating a blogspot via a smartphone. Here we summarize how to create a blogspot via smartphone:

1. Download the application. To create a blog via mobile you must first download the blogspot application. The application available for blogspot is Blogger.com. You can download it via the Google Play Store or via the App store.

2. Enter your email address. After you have finished downloading and installing the application, the next step is to enter your email address to create an account.

3.Sign Up with an email address. Next is to sign up by entering your email address and password.

4. Edit profile. After successfully entering the application, you are able to start filling out the existing profile as desired and also the directions on the profile edit page. Then you can choose to create a new blog.

5. Write the blog address and blog title. After displaying the create a new blog page, you can enter the blog address. You must pay attention when filling in the address of this blog, you are instructed to write it with a name that has never been used by other users.

6. Click a design template. If you have written the address and blog title, you can choose a template design that suits you.

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