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Soon we will enter the month of Ramadan after being apart for 1 year. for a Muslim this month is the most special month so that his arrival should be welcomed with joy. As contained in the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad which reads "Who wakes up to brighten the nights of Ramadan because of faith and hopes for Allah's pleasure, will surely be forgiven of his past sins". Learning from the Hadith is certainly fitting if we prepare ourselves to welcome the coming of this holy month to position ourselves to be pious.
What should be prepared before the fasting of Ramadan?
1. Mental Preparation
In celebrating the month of Ramadan the first thing to prepare is to be mentally prepared to be always strong in resisting temptations during fasting. During the fasting month besides holding thirst and hunger we must also endure lust, for this reason mental preparation is very important considering the many temptations during this fasting month. In addition, we must also instill good values ​​so that the worship we carry out becomes more meaningful and encourages us to always improve ourselves to be stronger in carrying out worship in this fasting month.
2. Physical Preparation
Muslims are required to fast for one full month in this holy month. For this reason, we must prepare physically well to stay strong and fit in fasting. To prepare physically we can start by fasting the Sunnah in the month of Sya'ban. By doing this sunnah fasting our body will get used to fasting so that when fasting for one month the body is trained and endurance will be even better, as recommended by the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him that between the month of Rajab and Ramadan is a month of increasing human deeds to Allah.
3. Knowledge Preparation
In order for our worship to be maximized, it must be perfected with knowledge. Knowing what to do during the fasting month along with its practices will help us get the perfection of the glorious month of Ramadan. In addition, with enough knowledge will also prevent us from actions that damage the practice in the fasting month. For this reason there is nothing wrong if we go back to study and review the knowledge related to the terms of fasting, harmony, the practice of the sunnah, things that are allowed, things that are affirmed and things that can cancel fasting so that the worship we have done is not in vain drain.
4. Material Preparation
Alms is one of the doors to heaven, located in this month of Ramadan where all the acts of worship are redoubled in merit. You certainly do not want this opportunity that only comes once a year to be wasted. For this reason we must begin to set aside sustenance for various with those in need. In addition to giving alms we must also set aside sustenance to prepare everything such as vitamins, more food supplies so that our fasting is smooth and can welcome Eid with joy.
5. Seriousness
Both the good and bad practices carried out it all starts from the real intention of the heart. Ramadan is a moment that does not come every day as a reminder to humans of God's grace that came down to earth to cleanse the sins of humans who have been negligent against the temptations of Satan. To cleanse ourselves we must instill a strong determination with sincerity to worship only solely because of God. As the Prophet said "whoever fasts Ramadan because of faith and sincerity, God will forgive his past sins". For this reason, it is very important that we instill good intentions in facing this fasting month.
The month of Ramadan is a golden opportunity for a Muslim to multiply the reward of his worship in the sight of Allah. Therefore keep your heart and prepare yourself as well as possible in this blessed month in order to welcome the coming of this fasting month with joy. Thus some tips on preparing yourself in welcoming the coming of the fasting month that we can convey, hopefully can be useful in undergoing fasting.
Description: Ramadan is a blessed month full of rewards multiplied by Allah awt. It is important for us to prepare ourselves to welcome the coming of Ramadan with joy

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