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From the beginning until now the marriage ring was used as a symbol of the couple's bond in marriage. Almost all married couples use rings to tie their relationship. This is what makes ring business people never empty of customers. In addition, the number of marriages that have never declined makes this business prospect quite considered. Even some jewelry stores feel very benefited by presenting wedding rings in their stores. Are you interested in opening a wedding ring business?
Types of Business Ring Marriage That Develops in Indonesia
In Indonesia, the jewelry business has a large enough market, especially jewelry for weddings. There are various kinds of jewelry stores that offer wedding rings of various materials, from gold, palladium, titanium, silver and even from precious stones. All of them offer their respective advantages in each product. To attract more customers, these business people also began to look at the wedding ring leasing or installment business. This is intended to attract more customers. And for those who have limited costs can be helped by this latest service. Customers only need to give a down payment starting at 10 percent and can repay it every month.
In addition to the wedding ring business that can be found offline at a jewelry shop or in the nearest shopping center, now you can also find a special wedding ring business online. Many jewelry stores have succeeded in developing their business in the online field. The benefits obtained are not inferior to offline business people. Those who do not have much time to go to a jewelry store can use this alternative option. Even though it is run online, you do not need to worry because the quality of the products offered is very much safeguarded to guarantee the quality of consumers. In addition, the quality of products and services also greatly helps the progress of the business.
Tips for Choosing a Wedding Ring Sales Store
The more intense business competition in the field of jewelry does not make the quality of the product equally, it requires carefulness in choosing a wedding ring to get the expected ring quality. Choosing a jewelry store is quite important, the price is exorbitant, does not ensure good quality, especially if you buy it at the mall because it will certainly be more expensive with tax fees and other costs that are quite expensive.
If you don't want to get caught up in the shop price game, then you need to know the latest price range of the wedding ring you want. Don't be easily tempted by offering a cheap price, before you ensure the quality of the product. And finally, you should choose a trusted jewelry store, both offline and online, to get good quality products.
Description: The marriage ring has become a business choice that is quite attractive because it has a very good prospect of seeing a high number of marriages in Indonesia.

The Best Marriage Ring For Muslim Couples
When we talk about the marriage ring for Muslims the first thing that comes to mind is that the law uses the ring itself. Using a ring in marriage is a habit that has been going on for centuries which is a tradition of the ancient Yunian and Roman society as a symbol of love. And along with the times, wedding rings are increasingly being developed. And until now the tradition of using wedding rings has become a tradition. But did you know that this habit is not based on Islamic teachings?
Law Using the Marriage Ring
As stated earlier, there are no rules in Islam that regulate the habit of using rings for weddings. For Muslim women to use jewelry, they are released. But the problem is whether Muslim men are allowed to use the wedding ring? How do we respond to this? The law of using a marriage ring for Muslim men is mubah or allowed to blame the material used not of gold as stated in the hadith of Al-Tirmidzi history from Musa Al-Ash'ari ra. Rasullullah SAW said that "Forbidden silk and gold clothing to the men of my Ummah and is permissible for women". After knowing this law what if you still want to use a wedding ring?
If we are a little observant, what is forbidden for Muslim men is to use a ring made of gold, so if you use a wedding ring made from gold, it is certainly permissible. There are several metals that can be an alternative choice for Muslim couples, such as silver or palladium. Both of these materials are the best alternative choices to be used as wedding rings compared to other metal materials. Why is that?
Advantages of Using Silver Materials And Palla

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