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How to whiten the face with lime - Having a white and radiant facial skin is every woman's dream. But of course not everyone can get it naturally, because this type of skin is very influenced by genetic factors, but that does not mean you are resigned to the situation, because you can make several efforts to whiten facial skin. As we know women do a lot of things to make their skin white and clean, from treatment to a beauty doctor, treatment in a reputable salon or using a variety of beauty creams which of course require a lot of money. But have you ever tried a natural way to whiten facial skin with lime?
Why Choose Lime for Whitening?
To make facial skin white, there are many ways, but the way to whiten the face with lime which is the traditional way is more recommended. This is not without reason, besides lime is an economical natural ingredient, lime also has many properties that are not inferior to various brands of beauty creams that are priced at exorbitant prices. In addition, although the results of natural treatments are not as fast as beauty creams, using lime juice which is a traditional way of ancestral heritage in whitening the face is believed to be safer and has no side effects if used for a long time. Unlike chemical creams which sometimes cause side effects. These reasons are the background to the suggestion of choosing traditional ways to whiten the face with lime.
Efficacy of Lime for Whitening
Citrus fruit is a fruit that is famous for its freshness. In this lime fruit contains a lot of vitamis C which can keep the skin from free radicals, shrink pores and can make the skin appear smooth, tight and whiter of course. In addition, the antioxidant content contained in citrus fruits is also very effective for removing acne, it can even remove acne scars and black spots that greatly interfere with facial appearance. and most importantly the content in lime can also prevent wrinkles and brighten facial skin. How do you whiten your face with lime?
How To Use Lime To Whiten Your Face
There are several ways to whiten the face with lime that you can do, the first way is to apply lime juice to the skin evenly, let stand for a while and after dry rinse using cold water. The next way, you can also mix lime juice with other natural ingredients that are good for skin such as honey or egg white. After all ingredients are mixed, apply this natural mask evenly on the face, let stand for about 20 minutes and rinse with clean water.
Besides being applied as a natural mask, how to whiten the face with lime can also be done by mixing lime juice with warm water, which is then used to wash your face regularly and regularly before going to bed. This step will help maximize the facial treatment you are doing.
Those are some ways to whiten your face with lime and how to apply it. It's easy isn't it? In addition to making the face glow white, treatment with lime can also make your face smooth without zits. Such is the quick and natural way to whiten the face with lime, hopefully useful ...
Description: how to whiten the face with lime can be done in several ways, all of which are very effective for whitening the face and making a white and smooth face without acne.

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