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Nimas Ayu Gayatri Rahmaulidia = The beautiful woman of the moon who is always blessed by God and always refreshes many people and has great power.
Nimas = Women as beautiful as the moon
Ayu = Beautiful
Gayatri = has three strengths
Rahmaulidia = Combined name Rahma + Lidia (blessed + refreshing)

Thus are some series of modern baby names that contain meaning and meaning both good and beautiful. Some of the above names combine several continuous languages. for those of you who want to use only one language element, can change or take a part of the word only for your next rangkai own with your desired name. So our brief review concerns the series of baby girl names and their meanings. May be useful...
Description: The sequence of baby girl names and their meaning has an important role in building the attitude and mental of the child in his life in the future.

Name is a gift of parents who became the first name for someone. And for the future of the child, parents would not want to be perfunctory to prepare a name for the baby, especially if the baby will be born female sex, a myriad list of unique baby girl names must have been prepared by parents. In addition to being a form of hope of the parents, the name also became the initials of the child. for that the election of words on the chosen name is best to later become a proper designation and bring blessing to the child himself.
For Muslims themselves, naming is very important, so in general a name is taken on the basis of Al-Qu'an scriptures. besides the names of Muslims are also drawn from many figures in Islamic history who became a model of all Muslims, in the hope that later on the child can inherit the goodness of the character. and now with the development of the era, diverse names of unique Islamic baby girls have been circulating in various media. Beautiful names that are a combination of various language elements are strung together to get an unusual name.
To be more different from the community in general, parents are competing to give a unique name to the baby without removing the element of religion. You also want to give a unique Islamic name for your baby girl ?? for example on this occasion we give some list of unique baby girl names, which you can choose or you make as reference in preparing name for your baby candidate. Check out the more complete list below.
List of Unique Islamic Women's Names

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