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When we discuss the wedding ring for Muslims the first thing that comes to our mind is the law of using the ring itself. Using a ring in marriage is a habit that has lasted for centuries that is a tradition of the Yuniani and Ancient Romans as a symbol of love. And along with the development of the era, wedding rings are increasingly developed. And until now the tradition of using wedding rings has been used as a tradition. But do you know that this habit is not based on the teachings of Islam?
The Law of Using Marriage Rings
As mentioned earlier, there are no rules in Islam that govern the habit of using rings for marriage. For Muslim women using jewelry is indeed liberated. But what is the problem of whether Muslim men are allowed to use Wedding rings? How do we respond to that? The law of using marriage rings for Muslim men is mubah or allowed to blame the material used instead of gold as stated in the hadith narrated by Al-Tirmidhi from Musa Al-Ash'ari ra. Rasulullah SAW said that "Unitled silk and gold garments to the men of my Ummah and justified for women". After knowing this law what if still want to use wedding ring?
If we are a little observant, which is forbidden for Muslim men is to use a ring made of gold, so if using a wedding ring made from gold other than allowed. There are some metal materials that can be an alternative choice for Muslim couples, among others, such as silver or palladium. Both of these materials are the best alternative choice to be used as a wedding ring compared to other metals. Why is that?
Advantages of Using Silver and Palladium As Wedding Rings
Since silver has long been one of the ingredients of a wedding ring other than gold. This is because silver has a white cling color that when made with a perfect finish will be very shiny. Various jewelry circulating in the market too much is made from this silver material. For the price of course much more economical, as one of the precious metals silver has a selling value cheaper than the price of gold. No wonder if jewelry made of silver serve as an alternative choice of cheap and charming jewelry.
In addition to silver, you can also choose the palladium material as a wedding ring. Compared with dairy, palladium is more desirable, why is that? Palidium material has various advantages which, among others, have a white cling color that resembles white gold and will not change or fade color because it is more solid, the price is cheaper when compared with gold and is suitable for Muslim couples. Those are some options for Muslim couple rings, have you made a choice?
Description: The wedding ring for Muslim couples is a thing that is allowed, but the selection of the material should be considered especially for the groom.

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