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Internet technology is not foreign to us. This technology penetrated quickly to all corners of society through various media, especially through sim card internet service (sim card) residing in every smartphone. With the internet on smartphones, people no longer need to bother looking for cafes as before, simply by opening the browser application on the smartphone, then we can search for information (browsing), downloading and even watching live video online.

Ease like this turned out to be a very interesting thing for some people. They see this as an opportunity, even a golden opportunity that will not be thrown away. Who are they? Yes, they are innovators and entrepreneurs who have business in the creative industry and ready to be marketed to all over the archipelago and even abroad.

What kind of creative industry products can be marketed through internet media? Usually the products developed reflect the typical culture of the region in Indonesia. In general, they market these products through online stores with shopping cart facilities so they are more manageable.

In addition to online stores, the online social media presence provides a considerable influence in the community on the marketing patterns of products from the creative industries. The form of social media usage is the groups of sales on Facebook that number is growing every time. The presence of Internet media does give a big impact on the mindset of the community, especially the craftsmen. They see that there are so many advantages of the sales system through online media. Some of the reasons expressed as marketing excellence through internet media are:
1. The required capital is relatively small, smaller than conventional store building.
2. Full-time sales time 24 hours, meaning through the internet media when the sale can be done at any time, unlike a conventional store that can only be opened about 8 hours per day.
3. Area marketing is very broad, meaning through the internet media, products sold can be accessed from all regions of the archipelago and even abroad.
4. Can be managed alone without employees, online sales media such as online stores can be managed on their own without having to hire and hire employees, except for the already large online store.

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5. Does not require the existence of conventional stores and warehouse products, meaning that online sales do not require a warehouse storage of goods, products can be placed at home and sent if there is an order.
6. Payment system is simpler, the existence of e-banking such as sms banking, mobile banking, and internet banking provide convenience in the online payment system.
7. Already available various courier delivery, such as TIKI, JNE, Post, and others.
Nevertheless, it turns out that the sale of products through online media also got some obstacles, including for the creative industry entrepreneurs. Some obstacles faced for example are:
Still lack of knowledge about internet and web such as domain, hosting, cpanel installation, admin management and others.
Difficult to seek trust from the public because of several things: the existence of unscrupulous from other online sellers who commit fraud, people prefer to buy directly in order to see the physical condition of goods, people still doubt the security when delivery of goods.
Payments are still considered complicated by ordinary people, especially those who do not have bank accounts and ATM cards.
However, it turns out the confidence of the people of Indonesia to online sales continues to increase, both from the sellers and buyers. This can be seen from the increasing number of online stores and trade transactions through online media. In addition, the government has started to glance even support this sales business by issuing rules of procedure for the sale and protection of consumers through the Act of the ITE. We all hope that the sales business, especially the sales of creative products as a typical product of Indonesia growing and known to all over the world

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