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Prince George and daughter Charlotte are very adorable, especially when appearing in public with his parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Rich and powerful, will be the future of the two children, each aged 4 and 2 years.

However, William and Kate still treat her baby like a child in general. They have strict rules, so George and Charlotte grow as children who love to socialize.

Reported from US Weekly, mentioned that William and Kate do not want any electronic goods, such as tablets, indoor playground George and Charlotte.

"They feel that electronic goods are not the right thing for children to play. They want their children to have unlimited imagination, while still playing with traditional toys or outdoors, "the source was quoted as saying.

"William and Kate want their two children to enjoy a childhood like they once were," he continued.

Despite not holding an electronic tablet, the source says that George and Charlotte remain engrossed in playing.

George was fond of a toy with wheels, while Charlotte liked a royal princess-themed toy-as if he knew the fate of his future.

The source said that George began to understand that his family was 'different' from the family of his friends.

But both his parents always gave an explanation of his origins in the British Empire, to keep him polite and courteous.

Adding sugar, milk, or cream to a coffee drink can lead to health problems in the body.
Many ways to enjoy a cup of coffee. Those who are unfamiliar with bitter coffee will usually add sugar, milk, or cream. However, additional sweeteners that can eliminate the natural taste and aroma of the original coffee beans themselves.

Researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and University of California, San Diego, conducted a study of the habit of mixing milk or sugar into a cup of coffee.

They say, adding a sugar sauce is equivalent to 11 calories, while one tablespoon of milk alone contains 9 calories.

Lead researcher, Ruopeng An, PhD, said the coffee drinkers on average got an additional more than 69 calories per day.

In a day, a person usually consume two cups of coffee. The number of calories is certainly higher than the black coffee drinkers without sugar and milk.

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For those who are trying to lose weight, how to drink such coffee can thwart your diet.

Not only higher caloric intake, according to researchers, drinking coffee with added sugar or milk will trigger a person to eat junk food and eat more. Again, the diet you intend to fail can be a consequence.

The study involved 19,400 coffee and tea drinkers. The same thing happens if you drink tea plus sugar, milk, cream, and other sweeteners, like honey.

Calorie intake can be excessive than just drinking fresh tea. Added calories to sweet tea drinkers on average 43 calories per day.

So, the habit of drinking coffee or tea with added sugar, milk, or cream can ultimately increase your weight, especially if not balanced with exercise.

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