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Talking about the essence of life actually requires very long and detailed details. But in summary, the essence of life can be revealed from the statement of Ali bin Abi Talib. According to him, the beginning of life is a cry, the middle is a test and the end is mortality. When you are born you cry, and the crying will be the color of life. When you are sad and happy also sometimes marked with tears.
Know that the life of the world is nothing but a game and a neglect, jewelry and glory between you and proud of the many treasures and children, like the rain that the crops admires the peasants; Then the plant becomes dry and you see the yellow color then become destroyed. And in the Hereafter (later) there is a hard punishment and forgiveness from Allah and His pleasure. And the life of this world is nothing but deceitful pleasure. (Surah 57:20)

In this journey of life nobody gets tested even though the levels are different but the test must be there. Everything in our hands is basically just accessories and decorations including academic degrees, wealth, treasures and other nuances. When it's finished, it's the turn of death that all humanity will feel.

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Each soul will feel death. We will test you with evil and goodness as a trial (the truth). And it is unto Us that ye should be restored. (QS.21: 35)

And look to what Allah has bestowed upon you to the Hereafter, and do not forget your portion of the (pleasures) of the world and do good (to others) as He has done good to you, and do not corrupt in (the face of) the earth . Allah does not love those who do corruption. (Surah 28:77)

There is something that we will be eternally possessed to the fore. And also only this one. So make this world as a means and find supplies to enter the next realm. Because the nature that will pass human only one way, one ticket. Alias can not back again. Beware, be careful, earnest in seeking knowledge and doing good deeds in this world

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