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For this time I will share an Islamic article that may be very valuable moment
Later we are dealing with the hereafter. Well let's see.

Lately when our country is hit by economic, social and political crisis, It is said that many users of the cursed objects (intoxicating) ones
Including liquor, narcotics and demonic pills and drugs,
Like an unstoppable flood. Though already known together that
There is no religion on earth that looks good to the users

The objects, even the very most critical of the perpetrators.
Dr. Abd. Wahab Khalil in the magazine "Islamic Culture" gives an explanation:
"If we ask all the scholars in the field of religion, or in the field
Medicine, moral (ethics), or economics about the matter of this liquor, then
Their answer is the same, ie prohibit drinking liquor on a regular basis
Firm ". Narcotics in the view of Islam
According to Imam Adz-Dzahabi; That all objects that can get rid of reason
(If taken or eaten or put into the body), whether it is an object
Solid, or liquid, food or drink, is included, and has
Forbidden Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala until the Day of Resurrection. Allah says,
Meaning: "O you who believe, actually drink the karma, gamble,
Sacrificing for idols, drawing fate with arrows, is deed
Cruel and including the deeds of the devil, then away the deeds for you
lucky. Indeed, the devil intends to create hostility
And hatred among you for drinking wine and gambling, and blocking
You from remembrance of Allah and prayer, then stop you doing
That deed ". (Al-Maa'idah: 90-91).
If we look at the reality that is going on around us it will seem that
The use of drugs (narcotics, drugs and alcohol) is delivered

Religion of Islam | Dangers of Drugs According to Islam
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Many criminal acts. Evil such as pickpocketing, stealing,
Robbing to kill and immoral acts such as adultery,
Rape and other sexual harassment, not least caused
Use of the cursed object. No wonder if the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa
Sallam said:

"Be away from you khamr, for indeed he is the mother of all
Crime "(HR Al-Hakim, from Ibn Abbas).
Drugs in health reviews
Khamr can threaten human life, because it can lead to
Harmless dangers, such as lung disease. He is also very
Harm the body because it can weaken the immune power (immune)
Against the disease, and affect the organs of the body especially against
Liver (liver), can also weaken the intensity of nerve work. Therefore no doubt
Again khamr is the main cause of various kinds of neurological diseases, too
Is the most important factor causing insanity, misery and action
Below are the descriptions of the Messenger of Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him)
'Alaihi wa sallam about the reproaches against drug users:
1. Drug users such as idolaters
In a history it is mentioned:
"Whoever drank the khamr did not get drunk then God turned away from him
For forty nights, and whoever drinks until drunk is not accepted
Alms and deeds, for forty nights, and when he dies
(In such circumstances then he dies) like (death) the heathen, and
Allah surely give a drink Thinatul Khabal ". Then the Companions asked:
"Is Thinatul Khabal it O Messenger of Allah?" Prophet sallallaahu'alaihi wa sallam
Replied: "(That is water) the hellish body of the inhabitants of hell (that is) pus and blood".
2. Drug users if they die before repent will not enter paradise.

Religion of Islam | Dangers of Drugs According to Islam
In a hadith from Ibn Umar radhiallahu anhu that Rasulullah Rasulullah
Sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: "It will not go to heaven who is who
Ungodly to both parents and nor the drinkers of the khamr ". (HR Nasa'i,
Ahmad, Al-Bazar, Al-Hakim with a sane sanad).
And in other narrations is mentioned, which means: "The three classes are
Forbidden Allah upon him the heavens, (ie) drinkers of the khamr, the lawless ones
Both parents, and dayyuts ie that let munkar on
Family ". (Musnad Al-Imam Ahmad No.6059 from Salim ibn Ibn Umar).
3. Whoever is drunk does not receive his prayer.
From Abdullah bin Umarzia said: Rasulullah Rasulullah sallallaahu 'alaihi wa
Sallam said:
"Whoever drinks in the world khamar then God does not receive prayers 40
Day (arba'iina shobaahan), then when he repents Allah accepts his repentance.
Then when he returns (drinking khamar) then Allah does not receive his prayer 40day. 
Then when he repents, Allah accepts his repentance, then if he is
Back (drink khamar) then God does not receive prayers 40 days. Then
When he repents, God accepts his repentance. Then when he comes back (drink
Khamr) the fourth time then Allah does not receive the prayer 40 days, then
If he repents then Allah does not accept his repentance, and gives him a drink
From the river pus and blood. (At-Tirmidhi and hasannya, then
Validated by Al-Albani in Shahihul Jami '6312).
4. Khamr's drinkers lose the perfection of their faith.
"It does not steal the thief while he is believing (with faith
Perfect), and does not commit adultery people who commit adultery while he isbelieving(With perfect faith), and not drinking the drinker's drinking medium He is a believer (with perfect faith). "(HR Bukhori, Muslim, Abu Daud,
Tirmidhi and Nasa'i).
In the narration of Ibn 'Umar radhiallaahu anhu he said, Rasulullah
Rasulullah sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said, meaning: "Every one
Intoxicating is khamr, and every intoxicating is haram,
And whoso drinketh a drink in the world then he dies while he accustoms to it
And do not repent, then he will not drink it in the akherat. "(Issued by
Muslim 2003).
The people involved in this khamr are all curse.
From Ibn Abbas radhiallaahu anhu that Rasulullah shallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam
"Gabriel has come to me and said:" O Muhammad is Allah
Religion of Islam | Dangers of Drugs According to Islam
Copyright hasbihamzah2011 hasbielegas@webmail.umm.ac.id
Has cursed (in this matter khamr) this is the manufacturer (maker),
Distributors, salespeople, buyers, drinkers, money-eaters
The result, his carrier, who was brought to him, his pourse, (people) who
Poured (khamr) for him ". (Imam Ahmad narrated with sanad shahih,
And Ibn Hibban in the book of saheeh, as well as Al-Hakim, and is said saheeh by

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Dilarang treatment by using khamr.
According to the scholars are not allowed treatment by using
Khamr, based on the narrations of Thariq bin Suwaid radhiallaahu anhu that
He asked the Prophet the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam about khamr,
Then he forbade it, so he (Tariq) said: "I am indeed
Make it just for medicine. "So he said:
"Verily he (khamar) is not medicine, but disease." (Issued by
Muslim 1948).
That is the Messenger of Allah sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam reproaches the people
Drinkers khomr to treatment with it also should not, and
If some people assume that there is usefulness
Then Allah has explained in the Qur'an that the danger is greater
Than the benefits. Only a fool would take something
A small benefit with big risk.
In this case the Companions of the Prophet of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam so Persistently forbade drinking of khamr, until Umar bin Khatthab doubled
The caning punishment for this drinker, and hates the perpetrators very much
After it was forbidden, even some scholars (according to Imam Adz-Dzahabi)
Forbade to greet him, not to visit him when they are sick,
And did not come to him (witnessed) his body when they died.
Na'udzubilah min dzalik. (Agus Efendi / hart).

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