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Drugs are short for Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs. Drugs is one type of painkillers that are often misused by humans. Drugs originally used for anesthesia during surgery, now widely used to calm the mind and get pleasure with large doses. Narcotic or narcotic term itself is from the Greek meaning Klenger (Teler). Well maybe the word was taken because of excessive use of drugs will result in the user becomes jazzed and hallucinating.


POWDER SARI INTERIOR OPIUM0 BC, has been known pollen Opion (Opium) or opium or commonly called "Hul Gill" which means Drugs That are Happy by the Sumerians. Hul Gill is much growing in the area of pegun

In Sumeria in 2000 BC, it has been known that the pollen of Opion (Opium) or opium or commonly referred to as "Hul Gill" means the Exciting Medicines that the Sumerians have. Hul Gill is a lot of growing in the mountains and highlands. At that time, this pollen is known to have a function as a sleeping pills or painkillers when inhaled. Ancient people also use this pollen as an anesthetic for someone who suffered serious injuries so that he does not feel pain when treated and also used as sleeping pills. In addition, the pollen of Opion flowers is used as a poison to hunt because it can make the prey fall asleep.

Opium is the basic ingredient of the manufacture of narcotics. In ancient times, medical experts Hippocrates, Pliny, Theophratus, and Dioscrorides used opium for medical needs, especially the surgery. In 1805, morphine was introduced in lieu of opium which is a raw opium. Excessive use of opium will lead to addiction and congestion. Nearly 100 years of western Europeans call this opium as a haram. However, this raw opiate or opium is only used for treatment until Queen Elizabeth 1 realizes the surplus of opium and brings it to England. In India and Persia, opium was introduced by Alexander The Great in 330 BC. Opium is used for cooking spices that aim for relaxation

In 1680, a pharmacist named Thomas Sydenham began introducing Sydenham's Laudanum using morphine mixed with Herbs and Grapes. In the same year, the Dutch popularized the use of tobacco pipe to suck morphine. The use of syringes was introduced by Dr. Alexander Wood, the use of injection jrum is believed to be easier and also the effect of anesthesia more quickly 3x because morphine directly into the blood. In 1874, researchers C.R. Wright began to change the molecular structure of morphine and turn it into a less addictive drug that we now call Heroin Synthesis (Putaw) by heating morphine.



The circulation of opium in the 19th century is very developed in the United States and Europe. The largest exporter of opium to America is Turkey. In addition to its haphazard use in the medical world, opium is very easy to find in America in the form of Tonikum or liquid vitamins. Woe, at that time this opium has included the type of drug that has been patented so as to be legal. Ironically these morphine addicts are mostly wounded soldiers during World War 1.

In 1878, the British Empire passed a law to halt or stop the sale of opium because of the effects of its addiction. In 1906, Americans were turt as well as in making laws requiring pharmaceuticals to provide clear labels for any content of the drugs they produced. This is intended to determine whether or not there is opium levels in the drug. Because the rule did not work at all, St. James Society offers free samples for addicts with the goal of eliminating addiction and reducing the number of unstoppable heroin addicts. In 1914, a regulation was established that every drug user and seller is obliged to pay taxes, regulate drug sales regulations, prohibit narcotics of addicts who do not want to recover, arrest paramedics and close rehabilitation sites. In 1923, the United States banned the sale of all forms of narcotics mainly heroin, but the addicts can still buy it on the black market. The first established dark market is in Chinatown, New york.

Hallucinogens = the user will feel a hallucination like seeing an object or something that actually does not exist

Stimula = the work of organs becomes faster as usual (doping) so that someone feels more energetic and happy some time

Addictive = the addict becomes passive because it breaks the nerves of the brain, gradually the brain will be damaged and experience death.

Drug users of the methaphetamin type

           Characteristic of drug users

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"Drug Users Signs"

Physical = weight drops drastically, it is full of spots due to injections, eyes appear sunken and red, lips become blackened, excessive excessive, cough or runny nose, and face becomes dull

Behavior = love to steal, always run out of money, ignorant, lazy, afraid of water, often lie, often angry, defecate and urinate becomes less smoothly suddenly, abdominal pain for no apparent reason, often have nightmares,

Emotions = very sensitive, irritable, appetite up and down

The first article from me, hopefully useful to add knowledge and also avoid themselves from the dangers of drugs. REMIND YOURSELF & FAMILY OF DRUGS !!!

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