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Definition of healthy food is diverse in the eyes of the community, ranging from the rate by type of food consumed to the amount and way of processing these foods. Understanding healthy foods is a food that contains balanced nutritional value and contains various nutrients needed by a person's body to grow and develop properly. Since childhood you must have heard the term food 4 healthy 5 perfect which is a reference how to manage your diet every day.
Currently the term 4 healthy 5 perfect is rarely used and began to be replaced with a pyramid or tumpeng form of healthy food where there is explained about dietary arrangement and also a healthy lifestyle. For that in this article we will discuss about the definition of healthy food seen from the suggestion how to consume healthy foods both types and amount based on pyramid or tumpeng healthy food in our country.
Definition of Healthy Food, Feeding Recommendation Based on Healthy Food Pyramid
The pyramid or tumpeng healthy food is a way used by the government to teach how to set one's diet pattern to fit the definition of healthy food. By following the pattern presented in the form of this food pyramid we can make a healthy lifestyle simply. Let us consider the following discussion!
First row / base: 8 cups water.
The first dietary suggestion emphasized in the pyramid or cone of healthy food is the importance of consuming water. By consuming enough water every day we will get many benefits that can help so that our body does not lack fluids.
In addition we can also control the intake of calories into the body with lots of water consuming and for women water can make your skin tighter and fresher naturally. Easy is not it? Based on the definition of healthy food shown in the food pyramid, the minimum amount of water we should consume daily is 2 liters or the equivalent of 8 cups.
Second row: carbohydrates.
Furthermore, the recommended diet based on pyramid or tumpeng healthy food is food sources of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are one type of food a good source of energy for the body, by consuming enough carbohydrates every day we will have the energy to run daily activities well.
We need to note that in food pyramids, carbohydrate sources are in the second row so that the need for this type of food is greater than other types of food. Included in the types of food sources of carbohydrates are rice, potatoes, tubers, noodles (including vermicelli), corn, and various flour products such as biscuits and bread. Consumption of carbohydrates as a staple food recommended based on a healthy food pyramid is as much as 3-8 servings each day.

Third row: fruit and vegetables.
Recommended diet based on the pyramid or tumpeng food in the third row is the consumption of vegetables and fruit is enough. Vegetables and fruits are on one level because the content of both types of food is almost similar. Almost all vegetables and fruits are a good source of vitamins, minerals and fiber for the body. Consumption of vegetables and fruits will also provide many benefits such as digestion because of the fiber content in it so that our weight can be controlled properly.
In addition to the consumption of vegetables and fruits various types of antioxidants in it can launch metabolism in our bodies. Based on the notion of healthy food consumption of vegetables and fruits in the food pyramid is recommended consumed simultaneously in accordance with the portion and not replace each other. However, in everyday practice you can just consume these foods alternately with each other.
There is no limit to the type of vegetables or fruits you want to consume in a healthy food pyramid, but for the food portion problem we are recommended to consume as many as 3-5 vegetables and 2-3 servings of fruit every day.
Fourth line: protein source.
The fourth suggestion of a diet in a pyramid or a healthy tumpeng food is a source of protein for the body. Protein other than as a source of energy is a very important component because it works for the formation of hormones, enzymes and chemicals in the body and is very important in the regeneration of dead cells in our body.
Not only that hair and nails are some parts of our body formed by most protein tablets! Proteins along with carbohydrates and fats are the main source of energy for the body often called macronutrients. However, different from the carbohydrates and fats that can be stored in the body, protein is the only makronutrien whose needs must be met from food because there is no reserve.
The source of protein is divided into 2 types of vegetable protein (derived from plants) such as tempe, soybean and other types of nuts. The next type is animal protein that you can meet from various types of meat and fish, milk, yogurt and eggs. Based on the notion of healthy food in food pyramid the recommended portion for both types of protein sources is as much as 2-3 servings each day.
Peak of the pyramid
The peak of a healthy food pyramid is filled by our need for salt, sugar and oil that get a small place and is recommended to be used just enough in our daily food presentation.
Alas pyramid / tumpeng
Healthy food pyramid shapes from time to time continue to change to make people more understand the importance of lifestyle and a healthy diet for life. A healthy food pyramid with balanced nutrition now adds a new level that is at the base of a pyramid or a healthy food tumpeng there is an emphasis on the four principles of a healthy lifestyle that is to get used to eating diverse foods (based on suggestions on the first line up to fourth row), the pattern Clean living by hand washing each want to prepare food, when will eat and every finished defecate (BAB), active lifestyle and regular exercise and weight monitoring.

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So are some food recommendations based on the notion of healthy food in the food pyramid currently used by the government to help people lead healthy lives. Any type of food already mentioned above can be consumed based on the wishes and abilities of each family in their place. As an example if you have corn crops then corn can be used as a source of carbohydrates and does not need to rely on rice / rice. As long as all types of foods that the body needs are carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits, protein sources are met then you have provided good nutrition for your body. Hopefully this article is useful for readers as well

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