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Yes, as you know, in the midst of various activities, sleep can be a challenge in itself. But it turns out, various studies and supported by statements from some experts, adequate sleep time and quality sleep will bring many benefits for you.

If until now you still have problems with the same thing, here are some reasons why sleep should be your main concern, as quoted from huffingtonpost.com. Curious?

1. Improve memory capacity
Research shows that sleep can improve the ability of short-term memory, which can also help you maintain an information.

2. Improving mood
A study conducted in 2015 found that lack of sleep can make a person difficult to manage his own emotions. This means more time to sleep means the mood is also happier.

3. Increase sex drive
Research shows sleep deprivation can cause erectile dysfunction and low libido. More sleep and sex will be the one thing that makes your life better.

4. Prolong life

Research shows that lack of sleep is also associated with short lifespan. Adequate sleep time can affect your overall quality of life.

5. Better body defense against flu
The best way to protect the body from bacteria and viruses is by healthy habits, such as washing hands and sleeping quality. Research shows that lack of sleep can increase the likelihood of developing a disease.

6. More creative
According to researchers from Harvard University, creativity to solve problems will be much easier to do after sleep.

7. Weight and healthy muscle mass

Healthful body not only can be done in the gym, but also in bed. A study found that someone who has more time to sleep will lose more weight while following the diet.

8. Reduce stress
Sleep and stress are closely related. Having enough sleep time will not only change your mood, but also reduce blood pressure.

9. Driving for the better
Apparently, driving in a state of sleepiness due to lack of sleep is as dangerous as driving drunk.

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