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 Skin can be regarded as one of the most magical organs, because it protects your whole body from top to bottom. Because the skin covers all parts of the body, do not be surprised if everyone is competing to find a way to keep skin maintained perfectly. Are you one of them?

Launched from oprah.com, Wednesday (07/19/2017), here are some steps to keep skin perfect from head to toe. Curious?

1. Forehead
To eliminate the fine lines that begin to appear in the forehead, try using a retinod cream that contains vitamin A, helps the skin build collagen. Try doing that for three months.

2. Eyes
Collagen contained in retinod cream can also help smooth the skin around the eyes. The best treatment to deal with dark circles under the eyes will depend on the cause.

If the cream can not remove the circle, then the problem is the pigment. However, if there is a change of color from purple to brown, this could be because the blood vessels are more transparent with age.

3. Lips
Unlike the skin on the other side, the lips do not contain oil glands that function naturally moisturize. This is why the lips are prone to drought and cracking.

No need to worry, you just have to frequently and regularly apply lip balm. Or if there are fine lines around the lips, try using silicone-containing makeup.

4. Cheeks
Exfoliation is highly recommended to overcome various problems that may occur on the skin on the cheek. If you are struggling with the problem of redness, acne, and even sagging skin on the cheek, try to exfoliate regularly.

5. Neck and shoulders
The skin on the neck and shoulders has a much less oil glands than the skin on the face. In addition, the skin on these two parts is much more susceptible to irritation.

The use of retinod, filler, or laser creams can help you with the problem of dark spots or fine lines on both sides. Ever tried it?

6. Stomach
Changes in weight or pregnancy can make the skin around the stomach to change. Moisturizers can be used to disguise stretch marks that arise and the earlier it is treated the easier it will be.

7. Arm
Rough skin on the arm is a natural thing to happen. You just need to consistently use lotions to overcome them.

Believe me, hands will change as you get older. The use of sunscreen, retinod cream, and filler injections can help diminish blackheads due to sun exposure, as well as thinning of the skin and visible blood vessels with age.

9. Buttocks and thighs
Genetic factors, hormones, and inflammation can make the skin on the buttocks and thighs become harder. Or do you also have problems with cellulite?

Creams and lotions can help you reduce wrinkles. Or if you want long-lasting results, do a laser to help distribute the fat bags.

10. Legs
The feet can be part of the roughest skin of your whole body. Regular use of lotions is recommended to help smooth the skin on the legs.

Not only that, pumice stone is also effective to avoid rough skin. In addition, do not forget to protect the skin on the legs by applying the lotion every night before bed. Good luck!

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