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Ending an affair is not an easy task, it sometimes feels very difficult and painful. For many people, breaking up is the most avoidable thing.

However, actually breaking up can also provide valuable lessons. Reporting from datingtips.match.com, Thursday (20/7/2017), the end of a relationship will give you a chance to learn from mistakes, as well as pushing something better in the future.

Hearing the word end may be simple. However, the fact is you have to deal with emotions afterwards. Maybe you are also one of those people who just avoid emotions after separation occurs.

Instead, you must allow yourself to feel the emotions that arise after separation, whether anger or sadness. By feeling all the emotions that arise, you will have the power to learn, move, and heal yourself.

If you have passed the times of understanding emotions, the next thing to do is to express forgiveness to a former lover. Remember again the feeling of love you have for the person at the beginning of the relationship.

Understand again that the feeling of love can not last in the long run. Next, ask yourself what your contribution is to the failure of the relationship, to be responsible, and not to blame others.

Maybe there will be a time when you feel very discouraged to realize that many things go wrong in relationships, but stop blaming yourself. Forgive yourself will release the guilt that arises after the end of an affair.

Some of the above will prevent the same failure from happening in the future. Sure, everyone including you wants to have a happy and smooth love affair, no problems from the past, is it?

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