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Leather materials contained in fashion items such as bags, waist straps, shoes, up to the jacket you have, of course, have their own way of care. Not infrequently, this leather is damaged due to wrong treatment. Therefore, the original leather does need extra care to stay durable as quoted from Vidio.com.

If you have free time, try to regularly apply a special cream of leather material. This cream you can buy in specialty shoe stores. However, there is no harm in making your own shoe cream at home. Like what?

Materials needed are olive oil, coconut oil and beeswax. The way is quite easy, grate beeswax, then enter into the bottle. Then, boil the beeswax in the bottle until it melts and pour it on the container. Mix with olive oil and coconut oil, leave to harden.

Once the home-made cream has become, regularly apply this cream to various fashion items made from leather that you have. Guaranteed shoes, bags, your wallet will be more manicured and durable.

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