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No, being a single is not always bad. Single also means you can really grow into an independent person, not always about feeling sad and lonely.

If you still feel bad with the single status, here are some advantages, as quoted from huffingtonpost.com, Thursday (7/20/2017). Curious?

1. Fantasy about everything without shame.
2. No need to compromise with anyone.
3. Can watch movies with anyone who wants.
4. Can travel wherever you want, without worrying it will affect others.
5. Have more time to practice hobbies.
6. No need to share space with others.
7. There is not much work to do, because you will only do parts of yourself.
8. No need to ask permission to anyone if something happens, like coming home late office.
9. Do not be embarrassed when yourself is in a bad state when you become a single.
10. Can watch the desired television channel, without considering the wishes of others.
11. No need to share a bed.
12. No need to pretend to like something you do not really like.
13. Can buy whatever you want, without someone protesting it.
14. Do not feel the stress of connecting with others.
15. Can listen to the same song continuously, without any other person who lecture you to stop.
16. Be able to enjoy whatever food you want, without someone who will judge you.
17. Everyone will be more comfortable talking to you about anything.
18. No one will bother you again.
19. Do whatever you like and want, without worrying others will not like it.
20. When you become a single, you will only be in touch with a loved one, without coercion from anyone and anywhere.

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