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Vacation is over, it's time to go back to work. For those of you who work may need to prepare the documents or prepare materials for the presentation of a new project or task.

However, talking about the presentation of some people talking in public can be a scourge of its own. In fact, presentation can be an important capital in every opportunity. In addition, it can be one of the skills that need to be mastered. Not only in the world of work, in the environment is necessary.

Well, for a presentation that can amaze the need for preparation. Here are tips for those of you who want to learn boldly appear in public speaking before the presentation.

The purpose of the presentation

Before the presentation, you must know the purpose first. Starting from a presentation that aims to provide information about something, a presentation to persuade people, or just to entertain.

After knowing the purpose of the presentation, you need to know about the audience. Audience represents a particular class or community or attitude of the audience. It should be noted that you can interact with the audience.
After that, you need to know how many minutes you need to talk and the settings about where the presentation is.

Appreciate time

Before the presentation you should prepare it first. Practice, plan and prepare before presentation.

Set the presentation time according to the time provided. Divide time well for setting up support tools, time to introduce yourself, time for core presentations, and time for question and answer session.


Think about the most important points you must prepare to save time. Put these points into presentation slides, and balance them with visuals such as pictures or video. Keep in mind, convey only one idea for a slide presentation so that the audience focus on the points you want to emphasize.

Make a note

Make the text easy to read. Use a thick-tip pen, or print your notes and undo what needs to be delivered. Use only two thirds of the pages to avoid clicking down.

Lastly, do not use excessive clothing or jewelry that makes people focus more on your appearance than on your presentation material.

Not just clothes, before the presentation keeps the cool head to face any form of presentation and confront the people quietly around.

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