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As is known, the lecture is a period of preparation before entering the workforce. But in fact, not a few students who underestimate this stage so regret later.

As quoted from DuitPintar.com, there are some things that are often considered trivial during college, but in fact important when it entered the world of work. Try listening, lest you include who underestimate these things.

1. Time
Time is money. This phrase is so well known, but usually just in the left ear and out the right ear. In fact, many students are often late to come to class.
Even worse when it comes late when the exam. Automatically, the time to work on the problem becomes more limited. Yet when working, timeliness is very important.
From the simplest, ie to work. If late, must be recorded by the system and will affect the assessment. If often late, do not expect a career to be smooth or salary rise like other co-workers.

2. Networking
Networking or networking is vital. From the network it can appear the opportunity to live a good career.
Careers in any field require good networking. Instead of spending time with the gang for ha-ha hi-hi, it's better to join a well-calibrated campus organization. Who knows there is a link from alumnus who can offer dream jobs.

3. Cooperation
There are also people who underestimate teamwork in college. When group work, just set the name. Rarely come when invited to meetings, just just want to get a very practical.
Students of this type can struggle when they are already working. Probably sanctions in college just a matter of conversation friends. When working, the sanctions will be more severe, namely a dragging career.
In the team, everyone should contribute. If there is a passive, team work is definitely hampered and even can be messy.

4. Public speaking
Speaking in front of others is a trivial matter, but not necessarily underestimated. We must know what we want to convey and the delivery must be on target.

5. Saving
Although the elementary school has been taught to save, there is still a lazy set aside money pocket money. Even deliberately not saving because want to always rah-rah.
At the beginning of work, certainly do not have the capital of life because it has not received the first salary. Is not shy to rely on parents?

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